Learning Swimming in Finland

My hometown in China is in the mainland, where there is no sea or even regular river, so, for the people living there, it’s not so urgent to be able to swim. Plus that my family members were worried of drowning of the kid, I was not allowed to swim when I was young. In China, especially in my home province, where the Yangtze river flows, many kids were reported to be drowned in the swimming, parents are worried of the kids going to the water.
Because of this background, I am also scared of water, especially the lake and sea. While my girlfriend tried hard to drag me to learn swimming, saying that swimming in Finland is the most basic skill. It can be understood since there are so many lakes in Finland, people need to be able to swim for survival even. Swimming is also an exercise.
I was struggling in mind when she tried to take me to swim, thinking what if I get drown or even die in the water, etc. But I also told myself, it was a pity that I didn’t stay enough in the water when I was little kid, and swimming can be a skill to rescue myself and others in the future if possible. And why not try something I dared not to do in China? So, I went to the swimming pool with her.
We go swimming once per week and around 3h per time. I have gone for 3 times by far, Saara is a good teacher for my swimming, and I am learning fast, I think. More importantly, I enjoy it! and enjoy the sauna there also! I also come to find swimming is not as difficult so I thought. Let’s see when I can swim well independently.
So, it was really a struggle to do something you didn’t dare to do before and try something new, but the new thing can also bring you something good you didn’t know.






6 thoughts on “Learning Swimming in Finland

  1. For anyone who doesn’t know how to swim, unless you’re like a person living in the middle of a desert with no pools, rivers, sea or lakes, you should learn to swim or at least to not drown. It’s not so hard and you will never forget it once you learn!


  2. Good that you overcome your fears when it comes to swimming. My wife still does not try it really even though she would have with me a professional coach and former swimmer…
    Anyhow I know from some acquintances living in China that learning swimming is still fairly uncommon, even discouraged in the schools as they say “If you can swim you will drown”. I don’t understand this logic myself really but well, must have some meaning somehow.


    • Yes, I can explain the logic. There are always news report about people (especially young teenagers and adults) drawn every year in China, while the drown people are the ones who can swim. If you cannot swim, you are more careful with water, river, and would not even try, that’s the way to avoid danger. Some people think they can swim, and try the river, yet they cannot predict how deep it can be, or other unexpected emergency, sometimes, they happen, and swimmers get in danger. Yangtz river flows through my home province, it’s never new to hear those things. Those news also warm people a lot, so, many people are afraid of water.

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      • For it seems also that many people in China do not care about safety issues when it comes to swimming. I had been often invited to go swimming at some rivers and lakes where they had eveywhere signs not to swim because of the currents and even security guards. But still many just laughed at the security guards and still went swimming. Heck even I didn’t go swimming at those places though I am a former national team swimmer! Some people are just crazy


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